Wilson Care Group is now providing an innovative educational resource to families of clients to better understand the aging and long-term care processes.

Wilson is offering the Family Series, a robust selection of online training courses designed to provide knowledge and guidance for family members. The courses enable family members to be a part of the treatment team. The program will provide them with resources to better understand care and work with our care professionals to ensure their loved ones get the highest quality of care.

“Understanding the aging process and its complexities can be overwhelming for family members,” said Shelley Wilson, President and CEO. “They want to know what to expect and how to support their loved ones’ changing needs. The courses included in the Family Series provide a wealth of information on a broad range of topics, allowing us to enrich the care that we provide, and work in tandem with the family’s expectations.”

The Family Series is offered by the same company Wilson uses for its ongoing care professional training. The entire series of family education modules is offered at no cost to family members. Members can access the courses through a dedicated website at www.TheFamilySeries.com from their home computers and navigate through the topics at their own pace. The interactive and easy-to-understand modules cover a variety of subjects, including: “What Families Should Expect from Long-Term Care,” “Communicating with Older Adults with Dementia,” “Understanding Falls,” and “Medicare Overview,” to name a few.

“Family members play a critical role in the success of our home care services,” continued Shelley. “Offering them this additional resource strengthens our partnership and creates another opportunity for us to provide a valuable service. We are pleased to provide this exceptional tool to our clients’ families.”