So you’ve just finished with your education (or at least a part of it), and it’s time to start applying for jobs. The one thing that you’re definitely going to want to spend some time focusing on is your resume. This is, without a doubt, the one thing that can help provide potential employers with the information and reasons that they need to determine if you’d be a good fit for their team. 

If you’re in the process of working on your resume, the last thing that you want is to throw it together and hope for the best. Again, this is the first impression that a potential employer is going to get — make it a good one. 

In today’s blog, the team at Wilson Care is going to touch on some of the things that you will want to make sure you think about while building your resume. Grab a pen, some paper, and let’s get started.

Education & Training

One of the most important factors of your resume is going to be the education and training that you’ve acquired up to this point. The primary reason that this is so important is because of how extensive and challenging that this career path requires. Aside from it being crucial that you include this information on your resume, there is actually a specific order that you are going to want to write it down in, as well. 

The American Nurses Credentialing Center has a standardized way of listing out credentials for nurses. The preferred method is going to go education, licensure, state designations, certification, awards and honors, followed by any additional certification. This format ensures that you start with your highest form of education and work backward. And, for those of you wondering, you do not need to worry about including your high school information. At this point, let the hard work that you did to apply for this position in the first place do the talking. 


Yet another critical part of a resume, experience gives potential employers a glimpse at what types of scenarios and experiences you’ve come across up to this point. This type of information can be very beneficial because, unlike educational backgrounds, it’s specific to you and your history in the industry. 

When you are filling in your experience background on your resume, you should always start with your most recent (or current) position. From there, work backward and continue to list anything that a potential employer would be impressed by or interested in. If there are any gaps in between the dates of employment, know that the interviewer is likely to ask about them — so be prepared.

Skills and Positive Traits

Another common addition to resumes is a list of skills and positive traits that you embody that make you a good fit for this position. If you are someone that has strong communication and organizational skills, include that in your resume. Aside from that, you should list any personality traits that you think would help you thrive in that particular position. Whether you’re a people person, a good listener, or quirky, find a way to incorporate it into your resume. Your personality has something to offer to this position, let the employer know what it is. 


The last point that we’re going to cover is something that most jobs will actually require you to include: references. In order to get a well-rounded idea of who you are and why you’d be a good fit for this job, the employer will usually ask for both personal and professional references that they can get in contact with. 

When you go to list your references, make sure that you choose wisely. While your best friend may be your favorite person to dish about gossip with, they might not be the ideal candidate to speak on your behalf. Take some time to think about both personal and professional references that will be able to provide qualified and beneficial information about who you are to the employer. Make sure to reach out to them and let them know you’re using them as a reference as well. 

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