We at Wilson Care Group offer a variety of health care services with your best interest at the core of it. Whether it be home care or assisted living, Wilson Care Group wants to make sure that you are taken care of. As you age, you will inevitably notice parts of your daily routine becoming more difficult. It might be your vision abilities, hearing abilities, physical abilities or mental abilities, but for each there is a proper level of care that we can provide. So how do you know which of our health care programs is best for your needs?

Home health care is a great option for all elderly that still want to live on their own. Our nurse aid care provide help for 3 to 24 hour shifts. Our skilled nursing care provides help for 2 to 24 hour shifts. This is all based upon the help that you’re requiring. Anything from bowel movements, showering, cooking and cleaning, medication and getting from one place to the next, among other things. If staying in the comfort of your home is your top priority, our nurses can provide top notch service to keep you comfortable and healthy.

Assisted living care is an option when home care is no longer one. At Wilson Care Group we create an environment that stimulates the mind and body of the elderly that stay here while still providing a home. If maintaining a home is no longer an option, we can provide all of the health care you could need and do our best to make this a new home for you. Our assisted living model is designed around the concept of keeping our elderly as independent and active as possible. The big difference from our home health care, aside from location, is the 24 hour service and ability for on call help.

Our health care has your best interest in mind. For any questions regarding which healthcare is most suitable for you, call Wilson Care Group today!

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