At Wilson Care, we firmly believe that home care does not mean that our services must be limited to in-home services. If you already receive personal care services, there are other complementary services that you should surely consider taking advantage of. In addition to providing home care in Hawaii, we also provide our patients with transportation services at no additional charge.

We understand that as you age, daily tasks can become increasingly difficult. Daily outings can also become extremely daunting. That is why our home care professionals are happy to provide our clients with complimentary transportation services. Clients may choose to have their professional drive them to daily appointments and outings using the client’s vehicle. This will allow our clients to enjoy social outings as well as run errands without having to worry about driving. While this service is offered at no additional charge, all other costs involved with transportation, such as gas and insurance, are the client’s responsibility. Clients may also choose to utilize a Wilson Care Group vehicle for their transportation needs. There is however, an additional charge for using a Wilson Care Group vehicle.

Home and personal care goes well beyond that of simple in-home care services. At Wilson Care Group, we set ourselves apart from other care facilities by going the extra mile for our clients, literally! We are happy to help our clients get outside and get mobile so they are not confined to their homes. If you are interested in our personal care services or transportation services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us help make life easier and more enjoyable.