If your loved one will soon be moving into Wilson Care, we want to make sure he or she will have the smoothest transition possible. It’s often important to your family member that you help move him or her into the new home, whether that be through packing, unpacking, or saying goodbye to the old home. Here are a few tips to help ease the transition into his or her new assisted living space.

Say Farewell to the Old Home

Moving can be difficult at any stage in someone’s life, but your loved one may have been in that home for decades. If so, saying goodbye might be particularly hard. Consider some sort of farewell ritual, like hosting a dinner party with close friends and family, or taking the time to reminisce about events that happened in each room. This might help your loved one feel some closure before he or she moves.

Hold Onto Familiar Items

Yes, room in your loved one’s new assisted living space will be small, but small items can always be combed through later. The more the new space looks like home, the better your loved one will feel about the move. Keep old books and chairs. Your loved one can make the decision to part with these items as time goes on and he or she decides what space should be opened up.

Pack Well

Honolulu typically has beautiful weather, but it’s always smart to have a sweater! Don’t skip out on packing any essentials like pajamas, sweaters, and casual clothing. Any decor you wish to bring along into your loved one’s new Wilson Care space is welcome.

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