It’s crunch time, and holiday shopping is about to get stressful! If you haven’t tackled your long list of presents, we can only imagine how much running around your fitting into your days. While the team at Wilson Care can provide the highest quality of home care services to your elderly family member or friend, one thing we can’t do is tackle your holiday shopping. If you’re stumped on where to start, don’t fret. Our team has created a list of the perfect gifts for seniors that will at least give you a head start!

Personal Emergency Response System

For the senior in your life that is utilizing the home care of Wilson Care, this gift provides a new form of security! Personal emergency response systems quickly took off, filling the homes of a good majority of the elderly community. These systems could be too costly for your elderly friend, or maybe too difficult to really understand. Help them get it set up and walk them through the process. Once an accident happens, you’ll be thankful for this present.

Health & Fitness Options

It’s no secret that our bodies require more nutrition as we age. A great gift that will benefit the health of your senior family or friend are health and fitness plans. Whether you work with a senior center or through a nutritional facility, there are various programs that work with individuals to create healthy and nutritious meals while also providing guidance or programs for fitness. Enhance the life of your dear senior.

Photo Album or Family Video

This gift is less health related, and more thoughtful. The sentiment behind a family video or a photo album lasts a lifetime. If you’re rarely able to see the senior in your life, or if your family member or friend is coping with Alzheimer’s, these gifts provide stimulation for the mind, keeping it sharping while reminding them of the people they love most!

Finish up your holiday shopping by looking into a few of these helpful, and thoughtful gifts. If you know an individual that needs home care assistance, consider working on a plan for them through Wilson Care in Hawaii. Our team offers the highest quality of customer care service when we visit homes, share the gift of health and happiness today!