Social lives are great to have, but hard to maintain. When we’re young it’s easy to maintain a social life. Between the days spent at work, friends from college and the young families surrounding you, having people to talk to isn’t hard. But as we get older, friends move and people get busy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better. As someone that is either looking into or living in an assisted living home, we come to the point where some friends pass away. The good thing about senior living communities is that they provide you the community that you would not find within your home, in turn providing you with a social life.

If you aren’t sold on participating in the activities happening in your retirement community, here are a few reasons that you should change your mind, because a health social life will provide more than you’d think.

Decreases Chances of Depression

One of the most common diagnoses of elderly is depression. This happens for a number of reasons, from lack of nutrients to isolation, understanding what types of issues cause depression can help you prevent it. With isolation being a primary cause, maintaining relationships with others individuals in your assisted living community as well as your family members, will help you stay on the positive side.

Keeps You Active

Senior citizens who maintain social relationships usually maintain active lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental or physical, groups of people often participate in activities that call to action our memory, motor skills and at times, call for physical activity. When you participate in these activities regularly you are maintaining your mental and physical health. This means pushing off the chances of developing dementia or arthritis while being able to socialize.

Wilson Care promotes mental and physical health, so you can count on finding plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of social circumstances. Ask our office about opportunities to boost your social life, today.