1. Great Board Games for the Elderly and Disabled

    Everyone grows up cultivating various hobbies, interests, and lifestyles. Many of these can be practiced for a lifetime, but there are also many pursuits that require a capable body and youthful energy. Unfortunately, for many senior citizens, this means that many of their favorite things growing up are no longer an option. No matter how healthy you keep your body, age is an inevitability and even…Read More

  2. Why Being A Caregiver In Honolulu Is Great

    Caregiver Jobs are Great, Honolulu Caregiver Jobs are Better   It is no secret that Hawaii hold an almost mystical place in the minds of the general public. While part of the United States, Hawaii is about as foreign to most Americans as Fiji or New Zealand. Pristine beaches, unbeatable weather, and water that looks almost unnaturally blue come together to make Hawaii one of the most beautifu…Read More

  3. We Can Help You Adjust to Your G-Tube Insertion

    At Wilson Care Group, nothing matters to us more than providing quality home health care to our patients in Hawaii. Whether they need help caring for themselves after a major surgery or if they simply need a little extra help around the house, we are here to help our patients in any way that we can. As part of our home health care services, we also offer patients assistance with their G-Tubes (gas…Read More