1. Alzheimer’s Tips For Your Daily Life

    In our last blog, we discussed a few ways of coping with your Alzheimer’s once you’ve recognized early signs of the diagnosis. In this blog we are going to cover a few things that will make each day that you battle with oncoming Alzheimer’s just a little bit easier. Routine Develop a daily routine so that you know in advance what tasks you need to accomplish and if there are any circumstanc…Read More

  2. Coping With Alzheimer’s

    Whether you are battling Alzheimer’s, or you are the family member of someone battling Alzheimer’s, it is an extremely exhausting and difficult battle to fight. If you have recognized early signs of Alzheimer’s in yours, or your family member’s life you are aware that things that were once simple, are no longer so easy. As things become more difficult it’s important to have a means of ma…Read More

  3. Physical Activity, It Keeps You Moving

    It is without a doubt that our body is less capable of enduring physical activity as we age. Now, by no means am I saying to grab that surfboard and hop on. While that is great for physical activity, our bodies just aren’t capable of doing that anymore. But that doesn’t mean that we should give up on physical activity as a whole. At Wilson Care Group here in Honolulu, we like to ensure that ph…Read More

  4. We Offer Professional Ventilator Care

    At Wilson Care Group, we offer a number of different home care services to residents in Hawaii. As part of our home care services, we offer patients ventilator care services. For years, it was very uncommon for someone to live at home while on a ventilator. However, times have changed and now people who are on ventilators can live at home as long as there is someone there to help care for them and…Read More

  5. Nutritional Tips for Seniors: Part 2

    In our most recent blog, we talked a little bit about the dietary needs of senior citizens. We very briefly went over some of the different foods that seniors should be including in their diets, including fish and plenty of fiber-rich foods. However, since then, some of our readers have asked about which foods seniors should avoid eating. At Wilson Care Group, we are happy to help our clients prep…Read More

  6. Nutritional Tips for Seniors

    Growing older is not easy. Not only do our bodies become more fragile, but many of us lose the ability to do the things we once loved. As our bodies change and become more fragile, our nutritional needs change and in order to keep our bodies healthy as long as possible, we must change our diet and eating habits. As part of the home health care services we offer to residents in Hawaii, we offer pat…Read More

  7. Caring For Your G-Tube

    In our most recent blog, we talked a little bit about G-tubes and how the team at Wilson Care Group can help you adjust to living with a G-tube. Living with a G-tube can be a struggle, especially for those who have just had one recently inserted. G-tubes require daily care and maintenance in order to prevent infection, as well as other complications. If you have had a recent procedure, there are s…Read More