1. Our Medication Services Can Help Ensure Patient Safety

    If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you might be pretty familiar with the medication services we offer at Wilson Care Group. If you are currently receiving home care in Honolulu, you are eligible to receive these medication services. These services are for patients who would prefer that a licensed nurse pre-pour their medications. Your daily medications will be prepared and distributed int…Read More

  2. Explore the Benefits of Receiving Home Health Care

    If you are chronically ill, elderly, or are on a long road to recovery from a major surgery, you may find it difficult to perform daily tasks. Once easy and mundane daily activities may now be a burden and extremely difficult for you. However, in an effort to maintain your independence, you may be reluctant to ask for the help you need. At the Wilson Care Group, we are here to tell you that there …Read More

  3. Our Home Health Care Services Are Built on a Foundation of True Understanding

    At the Wilson Care Group, we are dedicated to providing quality home care services to residents in Honolulu. We strive to offer professional and compassionate care to those in need. Our foundation of providing compassionate home health care was built on an understanding of what it is like being unable to sufficiently care for yourself and perform daily tasks. Our founder, Shelley Wilson, has first…Read More

  4. A New Year May Mean a New Search for Home Care in Hawaii

    It is a new year! Like us, you may be thinking about what your goals are for 2015. If you are setting New Years resolutions, our home care in Hawaii may be able to help. If you... Want to take better care of yourself: Most New Year's resolutions have to do with the better self care, either making sure you are getting the right exercise, eating well, or even doing things for yourself around the…Read More

  5. How Home Care in Honolulu Can Make Your Holidays Easier

    The holiday season is nearly here! While this is supposed to be a happy time of year, if you or a loved one require additional medical assistance it can also be an especially stressful one. Our home care team in Honolulu can help make it a happier one! The holiday season is a busy one, filled with gift shopping, cooking, and visits with friends and family. If you are the caretaker for a loved o…Read More

  6. What Led to the Popularity of Home Health Care in Hawaii?

    Home care wasn't really an option for seniors in Hawaii only a few decades ago. It's only in recent years that this has become a viable options not only for seniors, but for anyone who requires additional medical assistance. Instead of lengthy (and very expensive) hospital stays, people can sign up with a home care company like Wilson Care Group and get exactly the care that they need, whether i…Read More

  7. We’re Looking for Qualified People For Our Home Care Company in Honolulu

    The home health care industry is expected to be the number one job creating industry in the United States for at least the next five years. That means if you've been looking for a great industry to join that promises plenty of growth opportunities, our home care company in Honolulu is the perfect place to start your search! Head over to our website and view our current available job opportuniti…Read More

  8. How Our Home Care Services in Honolulu Can Help Prevent Depression

    Depression is a serious medical condition, and it is one that many seniors face. Our home care services in Honolulu may be able to help your senior loved one avoid depression. As seniors get older and start to become unable to care for themselves independently, they and their family members will face the decision about what to do to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. Moving your loved one in…Read More

  9. We Offer Home Care and Assisted Living Options in Honolulu

    Figuring out what the right senior care option is as you get older isn't an easy choice to make. You don't want to give up your independance, but you also don't want to be a burden on your friends and family. We understand that making that choice isn't easy, but when the time comes to ask for help, we'll be here for you. Wilson Care offers home care as well as assisted living options in Honolul…Read More

  10. What Home Care Can Do For You in Honolulu

    When people think about home care in Honolulu, they think of a nurse hovering over them in bed and ensuring they are taking their medication on time. While sometimes this is the care for those that need in-home care, there is so much more that a Home Health Aide can do for you! Check out some of the additional services our team can provide for you or a loved one: Light housekeeping. Often those w…Read More