1. We Offer Professional Ventilator Care

    At Wilson Care Group, we offer a number of different home care services to residents in Hawaii. As part of our home care services, we offer patients ventilator care services. For years, it was very uncommon for someone to live at home while on a ventilator. However, times have changed and now people who are on ventilators can live at home as long as there is someone there to help care for them and…Read More

  2. Nutritional Tips for Seniors: Part 2

    In our most recent blog, we talked a little bit about the dietary needs of senior citizens. We very briefly went over some of the different foods that seniors should be including in their diets, including fish and plenty of fiber-rich foods. However, since then, some of our readers have asked about which foods seniors should avoid eating. At Wilson Care Group, we are happy to help our clients prep…Read More

  3. Nutritional Tips for Seniors

    Growing older is not easy. Not only do our bodies become more fragile, but many of us lose the ability to do the things we once loved. As our bodies change and become more fragile, our nutritional needs change and in order to keep our bodies healthy as long as possible, we must change our diet and eating habits. As part of the home health care services we offer to residents in Hawaii, we offer pat…Read More

  4. Dealing With G-Tube Complications

    Recently, we have been discussing G-tubes. In our most recent post, we talked a little bit about caring for G-tubes and how it can help prevent infection, as well as other complications. However, sometimes certain problems can’t be avoided, despite how diligent you are with caring for your G-tube. There are a few different common problems that people experience with their G-tube and it is import…Read More

  5. We Can Help You Adjust to Your G-Tube Insertion

    At Wilson Care Group, nothing matters to us more than providing quality home health care to our patients in Hawaii. Whether they need help caring for themselves after a major surgery or if they simply need a little extra help around the house, we are here to help our patients in any way that we can. As part of our home health care services, we also offer patients assistance with their G-Tubes (gas…Read More

  6. What Causes Incontinence?

    No one likes the thought of becoming incontinent, however, as we age and as our bodies go through different procedures, we become more susceptible to developing this condition. In our latest blogs, we have been discussing incontinence and how one can cope with living with this embarrassing condition. At Wilson Care Group, we offer incontinence care as part of our home health care services to resid…Read More

  7. Tips for Living With a Catheter

    In our most recent blog, we went over a few helpful tips for living with incontinence. While these tips can help you gain some control over your incontinence, sometimes a catheter is still required to assist with this condition. Living with a catheter adds a new kind of complication to your condition. However, living with a catheter can become easier over time, once you become familiar with the pr…Read More

  8. Tips for Managing Your Incontinence

    As part of the home care services we provide to residents in Hawaii, the team at Wilson Care Group also provides incontinence care to patients who are struggling with controlling their urination. According to WebMD, urinary incontinence is described as the “involuntary loss of urine.” Urinary incontinence can affect both men and women of all ages. There are two different types of urinary incon…Read More

  9. Coping With a Long Term Illness

    Suffering from a long term illness is far from easy, especially when your illness is keeping you from doing the things you love. Home health care is a helpful option for residents in Hawaii who are suffering from a prolonged illness. It allows for patients to remain in the comfort of their home and still receive the treatment they need. While home health care can help patients deal with their ill…Read More

  10. Helping Your Loved Ones Cope With Aging

    Growing older is never easy, especially if your loved ones need increasingly more assistance with daily activities. While you may want to help them, sometimes it is difficult to understand how you can help without making them feel worse about the situation. Many people tend to refuse help because it makes them feel incompetent. However, at Wilson Care Group, we have some simple ways you can help a…Read More