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    Helping the Elderly With Spring Cleaning

    For those of us who are lucky enough to live in Honolulu, the spring season isn’t much of a change from what we’re used to. We get sun every day and we don’t have yearly snowfalls to remind us of how precious that is. But even if we haven’t noticed, spring has indeed arrived, and with that, a yearly ritual that many people commit to every year — spring cleaning. Spring is a traditional t…Read More

  2. Lessons That Can Be Learned From the Elderly

    Senior citizens are often the victim of harsh and unfair stereotypes. Too often, our elderly population is depicted in media as being clueless and out of touch, needing the kind of babysitting that small children receive on a regular basis. In reality, senior citizens have more life experience than the majority of the world’s population. Even if their bodies are frail and their minds weakened ov…Read More

  3. Foods to Avoid in Your Elderly Years

    In terms of dietary choices, the seniors of today have been through quite a wild ride. On the older edge of the spectrum, seniors in their 80s and 90s will have been born in the 30s and 40s, before America was permanently changed by the widespread proliferation of fast food and artificial ingredients. Even in the 50s where most 70-somethings were born, the food landscape of America was highly diff…Read More

  4. Great Hobbies and Talents for the Elderly and Disabled: Part Two

    In our last blog post, we discussed certain long-term talents you can pick up if you’re in a position where your capacity for physical activity is limited. However, activities that require skill and talent can often be intimidating because proficiency requires time and effort. For a lot of people, picking up a simple hobby is a less stressful way to pass time. However, it can be hard deciding on…Read More

  5. Great Hobbies and Talents for the Elderly and Disabled: Part One

    In your old age, it’s only natural that your body isn’t what it used to be. Despite our best efforts, aging is simply an inevitability, and no matter what you do, you’ll reach a point where certain activities just aren’t available anymore. This is hard for people who enjoyed highly active lifestyles or physically intensive activities. However, there are still all kinds of activities you ca…Read More

  6. Yoga Poses for Seniors

    Here are some non-strenuous yoga poses for seniors! Yoga has been gaining traction as a popular form of exercise in the United States. It integrates breath, movement, and balance to help people become stronger both mind and body wise. What’s even better is that this form of exercise isn’t “one size fits all” and the poses could be modified to suit your body and situation. That being said, …Read More

  7. Caregiving Tips For Assisting People with Alzheimer’s-Part 2

    Over 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. That’s millions of people that will experience some degree of mental and physical degeneration, and require help with living their lives with dignity. Those people, along with their families, will need someone caring, compassionate, and skillful to help out. As someone who’s involved with home care in Honolulu, that’s w…Read More

  8. Changing Your Lifestyle Can Reduce The Risk Of Disease

    Some of the most terrifying diagnoses that happen as we become seniors change our lives. From the foods we eat to the activities we participate in, some of these diagnoses can take away the basic pieces of happiness that we experience each day. The reality of some of the most common diseases, however, is that they could be avoided through healthy habits and good life choices. Some of the more comm…Read More

  9. Discovering Ways To Manage Stress As A Senior

    Regardless of how old you become, stress never completely leaves our life. While there are definitely high and low points of stress that we’ll experience, the older you get the more of an effect stress will have on your health. Because it ends up becoming a prominent part of your health, it’s important that as a senior you know how to balance your stress levels in a way that works for you. Ver…Read More

  10. How Can Home Health Care Help With Parkinson’s

    The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be unsettling. You’ve just discovered that your life is changing and have to face that there isn’t a cure. While the symptoms and side effects of Parkinson’s disease might take a while to take full effect, you will notice that you need help more frequently than you imagined. Parkinson’s is a disorder of the central nervous system that brings on un…Read More