1. Building Your Brain’s Health

    Developing Alzheimer’s is without a doubt terrifying. Especially if you have family members that have developed it. One of the best ways to keep your mind healthy and prolong the terrifying fate of Alzheimer’s is by keeping your brain fit. Wilson Care provides you with the quality home health care that you need, but by practicing these few tips each day, you can help keep your mind fit. Dietar…Read More

  2. How Does Gardening Benefit Seniors

    Pastimes improve the quality of life. Finding pastimes and hobbies that you enjoy offer a sense of purpose, stress relief, and an enjoyable way to spend your day. Gardening is one of those pastimes that gets tied to the senior community, but did you know that gardening is actually incredibly beneficial for seniors? In fact, research has been done that show that gardening is one of the greatest way…Read More

  3. 3 Benefits To Exercising

    We’ve covered a bunch of reasons that adding exercise into your daily routine can be beneficial for your health, but there may be a few things that you didn’t know exercise could do for your body. As the body ages, it struggles to function as quickly, and as well, as it used to. That goes without saying. Because of this, health issues like arthritis, diabetes, and aches begin to develop. Here …Read More

  4. Hospital Beds In Your Home

    Medicine has changed, and with that so has the recovery process. Now that home health care is spreading quickly, the tools used in hospitals to provide comfort are also changing. The use of hospital beds in homes is quickly spreading as individuals become bedridden or are preparing for a lengthy recovery. If you are bedridden or are having a procedure done that may require a lengthy recovery, here…Read More

  5. Benefits Of Having A Pet Part 2

    In our last blog, we touched on a few of the ways that adding a pet can benefit your health, happiness and life overall. If those benefits weren’t enough to convince you that a pet will make a great addition to your life, Wilson Care has a few more ways that a pet, along with our quality home care, can benefit your life. Stress It has been noticed that older people with pets show less stress tha…Read More

  6. Benefits Of Having A Pet

    In the last few years, studies have shown that there a good majority of elders have benefited from the addition of a pet to their lifestyle. While this may sound like a silly addition to the life of our elders, there are quite a few reasons why this relationship works. Here are only a few of the reasons that elders can benefit from a pet. Companionship Loneliness and depression are, unfortunately,…Read More

  7. Preventing Falls At Your Home

    As we age our bodies become fragile. Falls become more serious at this point because of how fragile our bones are and how much more difficult it is for our bodies to heal and recover from these incidents. While having an individual from Wilson Care’s home health care there to help minimize the chances of this happening, here are a few more tips that you can utilize in order to lower the chances …Read More