1. Is Homecare the Right Decision for You or Your Loved One?

    Homecare is a service anyone who requires it will benefits. Whether you need homecare daily to live an active and free lifestyle or you need it for one week while you recover from surgery, our home health care providers at Wilson Care in Honolulu can provide you with all the homecare services you need, along with informative and relative advice you want.   Homecare is much more than caring for an…Read More

  2. Advantages of In-Homecare

    For many people, they’re saddened when they realize they should be taken care of in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Not only is this detrimental to their emotional health, but their physical health may start to deteriorate as well. However, if you or a loved one think it’s time help is introduced into your or their life, know there’s another way: Homecare in Honolulu. In our prev…Read More

  3. Benefits of In-Homecare

    It can be devastating to an individual once they realize they need help with what used to be the most simple tasks. Easy tasks, such as cooking breakfast, doing laundry and remembering to administer medications on time can become a daunting task for some; this is where our homecare professionals in Honolulu step in. We want you or your loved one to successfully live on their own, at home. Whether …Read More

  4. Signs That It’s Time For Assisted Living

    Moving a loved one into assisted living is never an easy decision to make. Oftentimes, the move needs to happen due to an escalating disease or increased difficulty moving through the home. Here are some signs that it may be time to consider assisted living: Aggression - If your loved one is easier to upset than before and responds with physical or verbal violence, it may be time for an assisted l…Read More

  5. Tips for Moving Into Assisted Living

    If your loved one will soon be moving into Wilson Care, we want to make sure he or she will have the smoothest transition possible. It’s often important to your family member that you help move him or her into the new home, whether that be through packing, unpacking, or saying goodbye to the old home. Here are a few tips to help ease the transition into his or her new assisted living space. Say …Read More

  6. Decorating Tips for Assisted Living

    If you are moving your loved one into a nursing home, make sure you know what to bring! Just like decorating a house, decorating an assisted living space is important to helping your love one feel at home and comfortable in new surroundings. Check out the following tips to help ease the transition and make a new home. Pick What’s Important Unfortunately, the new living space will be smaller than…Read More

  7. The Benefits Of A Healthy Social Life As A Senior

    Social lives are great to have, but hard to maintain. When we’re young it’s easy to maintain a social life. Between the days spent at work, friends from college and the young families surrounding you, having people to talk to isn’t hard. But as we get older, friends move and people get busy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better. As someone that is either looking into or living in an assist…Read More

  8. Safe Gardening Tips For Seniors

    There are few things as beautiful as the summers in Honolulu. Our lush, green trees create shade and an overall beautiful scene while fruits and flowers grow at a rapid rate. If you’ve lived on the island a long time, you’ve grown to love gardening and are likely find it becoming one of your favorite pastimes, and that won’t change with age. At Wilson Care, we are full supporters of active l…Read More

  9. Celebrating National Nurses Week

    For one week every year, nurses are celebrated nationally. In this one week we are expected to thank and celebrate the men and women that dedicate their time and lives to helping the ill and injured. While a week may be better than a day, anyone that has ever required the help of a nurse knows that there are never enough days, words or actions that can thank a nurse for the work they’ve done. Si…Read More

  10. What Every Homecare Patient Wants

    It’s hard to view a situation from the eyes of another, and this is especially true in the instance of a patient and caregiver situation. As someone that is trying to find the right caregiver for a family member or friend, priorities are so much different than those of the patient. At Wilson Care, we put the needs of our patients first, making us one of the best homecare companies in Honolulu. H…Read More