The fragility of our bodies increases as we age, making falls a disaster we all try to avoid. Falls contribute to most hip, knee and back injuries. Many of these falls are occurring within the home, whether it be down stairs, on slick hardwood floors or an icy driveway. One place we often forget about is the shower.

The porcelain tub is quickly made into one of the most dangerous obstacles for elderly the second that water hits it. With the inevitably slippery tub beneath your feet, the chances of falling raise tremendously. Because of this, it is important to ensure the utmost safety precautions.

Installing support bars to shower walls add a stable form of support while entering and exiting the shower as well as during the shower. Shower bars are not terribly difficult to install, but it is very important that they are installed correctly. This includes ensuring that they are at the proper height for the individual that will be using them.

Another great tool to utilize for shower safety is a shower bench or seat. These seats come with and without a back, depending on personal preference or need. These benches and seats come with rubber feet, so that the chair is not sliding all around the tub. Chairs and benches aid in entering and exiting the shower as well as making it so that you don’t have to stand if lower body joint pain or injuries have occurred.
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Prevent falls from happening in your Hawaii home.