gardeningThere are few things as beautiful as the summers in Honolulu. Our lush, green trees create shade and an overall beautiful scene while fruits and flowers grow at a rapid rate. If you’ve lived on the island a long time, you’ve grown to love gardening and are likely find it becoming one of your favorite pastimes, and that won’t change with age. At Wilson Care, we are full supporters of active lifestyles, regardless of your age. While you may be a pro at gardening, here are a few tips to make sure that you spend your time outside gardening safe from the sun.


We aren’t going to be the first ones to tell you that sunscreen is important, and we won’t be the last. Even if you are someone that spends hours in the sun and has a darker complexion, you’re still able to get burnt. Putting on sunscreen is a must when you are going out and gardening in the hot Hawaiian sun. Make sure to reapply every couple of hours so that you continue to stay safe from brutal burns.

Dress Appropriately

You’re going to be down in the dirt while gardening, so your attire shouldn’t be anything spectacular. While it isn’t crucial to be wearing any particular clothes, keeping your outfit light is a great idea! This will keep you cool while in the sun for extended amounts of time. It’s also great to wear a hat of some sort to shade your face from any harsh sunshine.

Don’t let that sun stop you from enjoying your favorite pastimes. If you need any help applying sunscreen or getting clothing on that will keep you comfortable while gardening, ask your in home nurse or senior living community assistant to help.