Wilson Care Group offers medication services as a part of our homecare program. Clients who are already receiving our personal home health care services may choose to have one of our friendly licensed nurses prepare medications.

Wilson Care Group offers medication services as a part of our home care program. Clients who are already receiving our personal home health care services may choose to have one of our friendly licensed nurses prepare medications.

Our nurses will pre-pour the medication in weekly pill containers for a 28-day period. A complete list of medications will be provided to the patient’s physician for written authorization.

Who Needs Medication Management?

Medication management services are part of our home care program, and thus, they’re specifically intended for the senior citizens of Oahu whom we serve. Anybody who takes medication could benefit from these services, even if they only have one prescription — however, they’re most beneficial for those senior citizens who have a variety of medications.

This isn’t uncommon at old age. In one’s senior years, a lifetime of physical stress starts to catch up with their body. Pain is common in various different parts of the body, and this is also the point in life where lifelong conditions tend to take a harder toll on the body. Depending on one’s afflictions, they might be taking five different types of medication, each one having their different times and methods of ingestion.

Mindfulness is also an important factor in medication management. There are plenty of young adults in their physical prime who can’t remember to take their medication every day — you can bet a lot of senior citizens are the same. Some elderly folks aren’t accustomed to being medicated and they forget to take their daily pills. Others are well aware of their medicine, but they have so many different prescriptions that it’s a headache trying to keep up with all of them.

If you or a loved one struggles with a variety of different medications, has trouble remembering to take them, or both, ask one of our Wilson Care home caregivers about this helpful service.

What Does Medication Management Cover?

Medication management, in a nutshell, entails the complete organization of one’s medication, so that it’s as easy as possible for the patient in question to take what they need, every single day, at the time they’re supposed to take it. Our caregivers can help with the following:

  • Create a list of the patient’s medications
  • Create a medication schedule for the full month
  • Organize and distribute medication into designated, scheduled containers
  • Educate and inform about usage and potential side effects
  • In-person reminders (when the caregiver is present)
  • Assistance setting alarms and/or other reminders (when the caregiver is not present)

How to Talk to a Loved One About Medication Management

It’s no secret that elderly loved ones can be stubborn — and who can blame them? Nobody likes the feeling of having to become more dependent on other people for their well-being, so the prospect of medication management and home care is often met with skepticism by seniors.

Unfortunately, a lack of action or organization in one’s medication can be disastrous. At best, it will result in unnecessary pain and discomfort. At worst, it could be life-threatening. Do you have a loved one who is feeling nonplussed about having to take so many medications? Here are some ways to approach the subject:

  • Be Empathetic and Compassionate: It’s important to remember that medication is prescribed in the best interest of the patient. Let them know that this is coming from a place of love. The more organized they are with medication, the more time you’ll get to enjoy together.
  • Be There For Them: One of the most common concerns that senior citizens have about home caregivers is the prospect of being “dumped” by their family. Assure your loved one that their home caregiver isn’t a replacement at all. Let them know that you’ll be there for them every step of the way.
  • Help Them See the Benefits of Caregivers: Our caregivers can do much more than just manage medication. They can take care of housework, prepare meals, provide physical assistance, and form a lasting friendship. By recruiting the help of Wilson Care, Oahu senior citizens can enjoy an improved quality-of-life and make more time for their loved ones.

For medication services at your Honolulu or greater Oahu home, contact Wilson Home Care today!