The benefit of having home care through Wilson Care is that you get the high quality service of a certified nurse while in the comfort of your home. This is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, there’s truly nothing like the comfort of your own home. Through home health care plans, we provide you with the assistance that you need at home, whether that be cooking meals or getting from one place to the next, we ensure you’re taken care of. One way that can benefit the comfort of your home while putting your health and safety first is redecorating or revisiting the current layout of your home. The team at Wilson Care has laid out a few tips that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home while also improving safety.

Clutter Free

Freshening up the design of your home is the perfect time to get rid of items creating clutter in your home. Go through your belongings and decide what you don’t need anymore, what can be donated, put in storage or thrown away. This will help open up room within your home making more room for the things you do need and creating a cleaner room.

Laying Out Your Room

For elderly individuals, it’s important that every room has a layout that flows and works for the physical abilities of the person. Making sure that the layout is easy to cross, without obstacles such as tables or cords in walkways is important. This is also a great time to make your home accident proof by checking railings and making sure you have ample space for any electric scooters or walkers that need to make it through the area.


In the previous tip we mentioned making sure that the space works for the accessibility needs of the individual. As you redecorate it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure that each room is preventative of falls or slips and has safety functions throughout. Doing this will provide you ease and peace of mind when home alone or when walking on your own.

These are only a few of the improvements that you can make in your home when you’re updating the layout of your home. Improve the safety and functionality of your home by doing so, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your ease of movement and living. Contact Wilson Care for more tips on how you can manage with the help of  home health care here in Hawaii.