The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be unsettling. You’ve just discovered that your life is changing and have to face that there isn’t a cure. While the symptoms and side effects of Parkinson’s disease might take a while to take full effect, you will notice that you need help more frequently than you imagined.

Parkinson’s is a disorder of the central nervous system that brings on uncontrollable tremors. Because the tremors are impossible to control, you’ll notice that you need more assistance with things that you’re used to like driving or cooking. It’s a difficult life change that takes time getting accustomed to. If you are your primary source of care, this diagnosis could pose as a sign of needing professional home health care.

When cooking and driving need to be eliminated from your daily routine, you’ll need someone to step up and make the efforts for you. Having a caregiver in the comfort of your home allows for you to continue with the life you’ve had, but have the care you need during this transition. Over time, you may become more comfortable with your tremors or learn to work around them. However, for most, home caregivers are often a gift that continues to provide assistance.
Parkinson’s disease doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to enjoy your life, or that you’ll need to rely on someone to get everything done. But when you do need help, you can count on Wilson Care to provide you with knowledgeable home health care professionals that. Call our office today to schedule the care that you need.3131