Many people consider this the “dreaded conversation;” it’s never easy to talk to your aging loved ones about the next steps for their care. Maybe your loved one has fallen multiple times and you’re thinking it’s not safe for them to live in their Honolulu home alone anymore. Perhaps your aging parent is showing signs of dementia or memory loss and you worry about how they can live independently. Is it time for home health care?

Whether you’ve just had the first of many tough conversations or you’ve had similar versions of the same discussion over the years, telling your parents or aging loved ones that a change in their lifestyle is eminent is an extremely difficult thing to do. There are a number of reasons for which this necessary change, and even the discussion leading up to, it would be difficult for anyone. Let’s discuss some of the reasons this is such a tough transition, and ways that you can make it smoother.

The Unavoidable Truth

One of the reasons these discussions about necessary changes in the lifestyle of your elderly loved one are so difficult for them to hear is that your words might remind them that time is catching up with them. Many of us seem to think of ourselves as forever young, and any indication that we haven’t actually tapped into the fountain of youth, can be slightly upsetting. Remind your loved one that we’re all getting older and this change doesn’t have to be a bad or scary one. What’s more, with the right home health care here in Honolulu, your loved one will actually be able to finally have the consistent help they’ve been secretly wanting.

The Loss of Freedom

Another factor to consider when having this difficult discussion with your loved one is that this talk might make them fear a loss of their much enjoyed freedoms. Whether this means driving privileges, cooking freedom, and even mundane things like mowing the lawn, the idea of no longer being allowed or able to perform normal, everyday tasks can be an extremely tough pill to swallow. Nobody wants to admit that they are no longer able to do the simple things that they’ve always done effortlessly, and asking for help is completely out of the question. When you find yourself dealing with this, remind your loved one of the things that they are still able to do, whether those tasks are big or small. A reminder that your loved one isn’t helpless, but just needs a little assistance with a home care aide, might go a long way.

The Loss of Dignity

Another common reason for elderly parents to fear a necessary transition into the next level of care might be due to the loss of dignity. Having to recieve help with normal tasks and even personal grooming activities can make any adult feel a little bit awkward. Perhaps your aging loved one is showing signs that they might require help bathing or using the restroom; facing this fact can be tough for you as well as your loved one. When you’re realizing that your aging parent might be feeling the fear of the loss of their dignity, try to be a voice of reason in their mind. Remind them that a Honolulu home healthcare aide could almost feel like a part of the family, thus, making personal encounters less awkward.

No matter how close you are with your aging parent or loved one, reminding them that they’re needing some help can be a very tense and uncomfortable conversation for you as well as them. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that you also might be struggling to relay this necessary news to your aging loved one. You are having to face the same difficulties and fears for your parent that they might be feeling for themselves. But never fear, when you choose homecare with Wilson Care here in Honolulu, you are opting for the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Continue reading below to learn all of the ways in which homecare is the best option for your elderly loved one.