Arthritis and Alzheimer’s are leading fears of the elderly community and there are constantly studies being done and research being put together to provide the elderly community with ways that they you can minimize the chances of developing either of these. While exercise and veggies are great ways to take care of your body and mind, have you ever thought that travel could provide health benefits to your life? Wilson Care wants to tell you about how traveling could change positively affect your life.

Topics like depression and isolation are common issues that happen when you age, they’re also two of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s. When you are isolated you become depressed and aren’t stimulating your brain. Travel stimulates your brain in every way possible, keeping you healthy and happy.

When you travel, you stimulate your senses by being in a new place, trying new food, meeting new people and hearing new stories. These experiences provide a novelty to your life that physical activity and a healthy diet can offer, but not to this extent. Going on a trip even once a year can heighten your senses and the ability at which your brain is working.

Transform America produced an article that touches more on the benefits of traveling as an older person, and what these trips could look like. The video mentions that “the brain doesn’t know it’s age, but it lives off of stimulation”. Provide this stimulation to your brain and you can minimize the chances of Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, isolation, and more.