It’s flu season, and the symptoms are starting to pop up in communities across America. High fevers and runny noses are far from desirable, so it’s important that you take time to get your flu shot this season. The long term effects of the flu pose extreme danger for seniors, so doing so is especially important. The team at Wilson Care want to make sure that you overcome this flu season healthy and happy, so we want to tell you about a flu shot that has been designed with seniors in mind, and why this vaccination will benefit your health.

Fluzone High-Dose is a new influenza vaccination that was designed specifically with seniors in mind. This vaccination provides individuals 65 years of age, and older, with four times the regular dose of microbial antigen. This higher dose allows for your body to create even more antibodies that will fight off the three different strains of influenza that are in the vaccination.

Seniors have a difficult time recovering from the flu, which is why getting vaccinated this flu season is so important. With the possibility of pneumonia, the flu can pose as a life threatening. Ensuring that you take all of the proper precautions this season, this type of worry shouldn’t be a problem. The first step is getting your vaccination. From there it’s left to managing a healthy diet and active lifestyle. When you do notice any possible symptoms for the flu, make sure to visit your physician as soon as possible.

The team at Wilson Care in Honolulu want to make sure that you stay healthy this year. Contact our team for any help that you need with in home health care. We are happy to serve here in Hawaii!