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What makes Wilson Homecare different from other in-home health care agencies?

Answer: Wilson Homecare has earned a reputation in the community for providing compassionate, dependable, high-quality in  home care services. We employ skilled care professionals who embody the Wilson vision of consistent, outstanding service for every client.

Are your employees screened?

Answer: All of our care professionals are pre-screened and submit to a comprehensive testing and and assessment process which includes their criminal and driving abstracts, as well as screenings through Child/Adult Protective Services.

Do you only take care of seniors?

Answer: Not at all! Wilson Homecare provides services to clients of all ages who have a wide variety of personal care needs. Our home care solutions can work for a variety of ages and needs. Overall our primary goal is to offer assistance to any individual that could benefit from in home care.

Do you provide services in facilities?

Answer: Yes, our care professionals provide the same personal care services to clients in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Do you charge extra for night or weekend care?

Answer: No. Our pricing structure is designed to be simple and straightforward. Our fees are set at an hourly rate based on the level of service we’re providing. On major holidays, we do charge 1.5X the regular hourly rate.

Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

Answer: Our initial consultation is offered free of charge. Our nurse care consultant will meet with the client, collect pertinent health care information, discuss how we can best meet their needs, and develop an appropriate plan of care. We encourage family members or representatives to attend this meeting as well.

Is there a “Contract for Services” and if so, what is the cancellation policy?

Answer: Yes, there is a service agreement that outlines the rates, level of healthcare, client rights, and grants us permission to provide personal care services. It does not specify a duration for our homecare services. You may cancel services at any time with 3 hours’ notice.

What is the minimum number of hours required per shift?

Answer: Our nurse aide services require each shift be at least three hours. We do provide in home care 24/7. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Registered Nurse (RN) care require each shift be at least two hours long.

Do you provide twenty-four hour care?

Answer: Yes, we provide 24-hour care. We usually break the shifts into eight or 12 hour segments for each care professional to ensure we have fresh, alert staff on duty at all times.

How often are patient care needs reassessed?

Answer: Each client is assigned their own nurse care consultant who thoroughly evaluates the care being performed to ensure that services are consistent with the client’s needs. Regular home visits and telephonic consultations are included with our care services.

Is there supervision of the caregivers by administrative staff?

Answer: Yes, all of our care professionals are supervised by an administrative team comprising professionals from finance, nursing, scheduling, and human resources. In addition, all go through ongoing skills assessments and competency testing. We encourage client feedback on all of our care professionals’ performance, and we will take corrective measures to ensure complete client satisfaction.

How are calls handled after business hours and on weekends?

Answer: Our scheduling and nursing departments are available 24/7. Each client is provided after-hour phone numbers for emergencies or last-minute needs.

Why should I go through an agency as opposed to privately hiring someone?

Answer: When you privately hire an individual, you become their employer, with all the inherent risks and responsibilities. You’re required to pay Social Security, unemployment, and payroll taxes. Many home health aides will represent themselves as independent contractors. As the employer, it is your responsibility to confirm that the aide meets the legal criteria of an independent contractor. If they haven’t, their tax obligations fall to you, the employer, and could involve interest on back taxes, civil fines, and possibly criminal penalties. Employers are held liable for all work-related injuries — this is a huge risk – which can include the cost of medical expenses and disability payments. There is more to consider – there is the potential for both physical abuse and financial exploitation when work is being done on behalf of a frail, functionally limited, and, often, cognitively impaired individual. It takes time and costs money to run criminal and abuse background checks, or to check references.
Our agency bonds and insures all of our employees. Scheduling managers coordinate consistent staffing and the quality of care is monitored through regular Nursing visits. Most of all, we absorb all of the risk, and all of the legal and financial obligations and requirements in addition to ensuring the enforcement of federal and state employment laws. Wilson Homecare clients can rest assured their loved one is safe and is being compassionately cared for.

How do I start services?

Answer: Call our office at 808-596-4486. We will walk you through the process and schedule a complimentary initial home care consultation. After the consultation, we create the care plan, and Scheduling works to secure the care professional(s). Typically, care begins within 3-4 days of the consultation; sometimes sooner, and sometimes it takes a little longer. Client needs, the schedule, and location of services can affect the start date.

How does the schedule work?

Answer: The schedule is typically requested by the client, family member, or representative. To help ensure success, a set schedule works best. This means that whatever days and times you choose (keeping the two- or three-hour minimum in mind) should be the same each week. This will assist with care continuity and ensure your shifts are staffed.