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I feel grateful every day that I’m able to work with such an amazing group of passionate professionals that are proudly carrying out the mission of caring for those in need.  I want every nurse and caregiver that represents Wilson Care Group to care for my loved ones because they’re family and I believe in them.  Just like a family, we all stick together and take care of one other.  That’s what makes the Wilson Ohana so special!

Star of the Month

jennifer uekawa!

STAR Caregiver, Jennifer Uekawa, has been with Wilson in an emergency-response care role (Float) since November of 2016.  In that time she has shown the talent and skill to work across a full spectrum of homecare clients. Day-in and day-out, she says "yes" to the call for client care. Our Kupuna love her dedication and professionalism, requesting her by name. She is truly a star performer and an example of our Wilson mission of 100% dependability. 

At Wilson Care Group we believe that every Caregiver has the capacity to be a shining STAR!  That’s why we created the STAR of the Month program, a $250 appreciation bonus opportunity for qualifying employees. Each STAR of the Month is chosen by our human resources department and embodies "The Wilson Way" as a model Caregiver for our company. 

Senior Living Star

michalle doxey-cruz!

Michalle is a leader among the staff at Wilson Senior Living and has earned the honor of being named STAR of the quarter at our beautiful home.  Throughout her years of service she has demonstrated consistent reliability and commitment to her team and our valued residents. Michalle is not only a caring and loving professional but shining example of the Wilson Way.

Hero of the Month

catherine cabus

This month’s HERO, Catherine Cabus, is a reliable professional who consistently delivers quality client care.  Always mindful of our mission, she picks up emergency shifts to ensure that clients never go without the care they need.  By faithfully following policy and procedures, Catherine demonstrates her genuine concern for client wellbeing. She is a wonderful example of the qualities that make for a HERO of the month!

Heroes are needed every day to care for our clients. When you answer the call and pick-up a shift, you not only ensure that our clients receive the care they need, you also become eligible to be selected as our HERO of the Month - and earn a $250 appreciation bonus.  Remember, the more shifts you pick up the greater your chances of being chosen! 


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Let's Celebrate!

•  KaeDee Vertido (Apr 1)
•  Leizel Pasi (Apr 3)
•  Stevielynn Brown (Apr 3)
•  Tomomi Arikawa (Apr 5)
•  Jared Underwood (Apr 5)
•  Brandi-Chanel Machado (Apr 6)
•  Stephanie Tompkins (Apr 7)
•  Grace Conde (Apr 9)
•  Jennifer Renasia (Apr 10)
•  Cadeleene Katepoo (Apr 10)
•  Remar John Salazar (Apr 10)
•  Kimberly Pham (Apr 12)
•  Khdrena Kam (Apr 12)
•  Iek Leng Wong (Apr 15)
•  Cheng Que (Apr 16)
•  Van Lea Do (Apr 16)
•  Teresita Padua (Apr 17)
•  Lilian Aranca (Apr 19)
•  Lojanelie Nakauye (Apr 20)
•  Juvy Requilman (Apr 20)
•  Olivina Avea (Apr 20)
•  Elian Elias (Apr 21)
•  Jasalyn Baniaga (Apr 24)
•  Raymond Berdon (Apr 25)
•  Trina White (Apr 26)
•  Lornaliza Soriano (Apr 26)
•  Melveen Tauyan (Apr 26)
•  Taiwo Olowo (Apr 26)
•  Brittay Marin (Apr 26)
•  Patricia Gilbert (Apr 27)
•  Adeline Aolahiko (Apr 27)
•  Carlita Chang (Apr 28)
•  Jenepher Labalan (Apr 28)
•  Vania Uribe (Apr 29)
•  Jovanna Villanueva (Apr 29)
•  Adrienne Mauia (Apr 30)

•  Bethany Ishoda (4 Years )
•  Leilani Secio-Carino (1 Year)
•  Sescelee Uehara (1 Year)
•  Christine Hill (1 Year)
•  Rose Abadilla (2 Years)
•  Tiana Sufciencia (4 Years)
•  Minda Emerenciana (5 Years)
•  Sandra Hoen (7 Years)
•  Imelda Daoang (6 Years)
•  Jared Underwood (3 Years)
•  Leslie Moniz-Wortman (4 Years)
•  Carol Hedemark (4 Years)
•  Frances Witkecz (1 Year)
•  Darryl Kawelo (3 Years)
•  Cristina Busbuso (2 Years)


Caregiver Tips & Tricks - My Skills Program

“Excellence in Care Delivery”
Wilson Care Professionals are especially skilled in providing the highest quality compassionate care. The Wilson Way is special, and the My Skills Program provides ongoing online courses that help keep our skills sharp and our caregiving style the best it can be. Caring is a team effort, and together, we can be the best — it’s the Wilson Way! Wilson partners with Relias Learning so that our caregivers can meet their in-service annual requirements.

For additional learning, tips and tricks, or to fine-tune our caregiving skills, all caregivers are able to self-enroll in additional courses through Relias Learning. Here are some available topics/options:


Perineal and Catheter Care: REL-SRC-0-PCC


Accident Prevention and Management: REL-SRC-0-APM

Oxygen Safety: REL-ALL-0-OXYSFTY


How to Take a Blood Pressure: REL-C2L-USS-38800H


Employee Wellness-Side Effects of Care Giving: REL-ALL-0-SECG-V2

Employee Wellness-Stress Management: REL-ALL-0-STRMGT-V2


Assisting with a Tub Bath or Shower: REL-C2L-USS-38500

Giving a Complete Bed Bath: REL-SRC-0-GCBB


Safe Transferring and Repositioning Self-Paced: REL-SRC-0-STR-R1

Safe Transfers: REL-ALL-0-CPTRF

Kind Words & Success Stories

My experience with receiving care from Wilson Homecare for my father was excellent. I retained Wilson Homecare to help my father after he was recovering from open heart surgery. Unfortunately there were complications from his surgery that required 24 hour care since he lives alone. The caregivers were professional, patient and encouraging him even when he refused help. He's not an easy person to care for; as was evident in the hospital. A nurse walked me and my father through the process and we started services with very little notice. I received a lot of communication from various Wilson staff to keep me posted on his status and scheduling needs. I would definitely recommend this company. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Sara E.P. (via Yelp)

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