Regardless of how old you become, stress never completely leaves our life. While there are definitely high and low points of stress that we’ll experience, the older you get the more of an effect stress will have on your health. Because it ends up becoming a prominent part of your health, it’s important that as a senior you know how to balance your stress levels in a way that works for you.

Very few people realize this, but stress levels contribute to aging at a quicker rate. High levels of stress are also associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, insomnia and other difficulties that affect your quality of living. Because the items that stress you out aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you need to be able to find methods that help you reduce your stress levels.

Activities that reduce stress levels usually include lowering your heart rate, clearing your mind or relaxing. For some people, they can find this form of stress release in reading or listening to music that provides them another story to dive into. Others find stress relief in the focus of gardening or woodwork. While the means of finding relaxation and relief from the stress of daily life differ from all, the importance remains the same.

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