If you are moving your loved one into a nursing home, make sure you know what to bring! Just like decorating a house, decorating an assisted living space is important to helping your love one feel at home and comfortable in new surroundings. Check out the following tips to help ease the transition and make a new home.

Pick What’s Important

Unfortunately, the new living space will be smaller than an entire house. Go through belongings with your loved one and choose favorites. For example, photos, books, and small decorations are a good choice. A painting might be a good option as well! But be sure to go through everything thoroughly and be prepared to donate or sell most items. Large items, like the old dining room table, will likely be unable to move with your loved one.

Know the New Living Space

Your loved one might want to keep large furniture items, but sometimes, this isn’t possible. Less is more when moving to a new space! However, there is no harm in keeping one or two large items to keep the new space feeling like your family member’s previous home. Check with the assisted living facility to see what their guidelines are in regards to space.

Plan Ahead for Storage

If your loved one wants to bring books and photos, make sure they have a place to go. Look into ottomans with storage space or a bookshelf that may fit. Just make sure whatever you do is accessible and not potentially dangerous to your loved one.

Your loved one will have an easy transition if you both can keep these things in mind while setting up! When considering assisted living options in Honolulu, be sure to talk to us at Wilson Care.