Whether you are battling Alzheimer’s, or you are the family member of someone battling Alzheimer’s, it is an extremely exhausting and difficult battle to fight. If you have recognized early signs of Alzheimer’s in yours, or your family member’s life you are aware that things that were once simple, are no longer so easy. As things become more difficult it’s important to have a means of managing your lifestyle. Accepting the signs and finding a means of coping with the disease allows you to ease into this lifestyle change. So we’ve created a few ways for you to get prepared.



If you are still in the beginning phase of noticing signs of Alzheimer’s, begin by identifying these signs and recognizing which tasks have become more difficult in your daily routine. If you are having a hard time remembering tasks or appointments, or if you forget when to take your medication, find ways to cope with this. For instance, a solution for this would be setting or writing reminders for yourself.


After you recognize which tasks are becoming difficult, determine whether or not you are capable of strategizing a way to cope with this problem. If there are things that could pose danger to you, it’s best to recognize these difficulties and ask for help. If for instance, you find that you are having a difficult time with driving, it’s better to ask for help than to put yourself in danger.



Find ways of making these tasks easier for you. If it’s driving, find modes of transportation. If you are having a hard time cooking, having family help you plan meals in advance could be an option. If it’s paying your bills, automatic bill pay would be a fantastic strategy!

Don’t let Alzheimer’s take over your life. Recognize the signs and make the necessary changes in your life as soon as you can. You are not defenseless to form the strategies to get the most out of your life. Contact Wilsons Care for any home health care or assistance in your Hawaii home.