Developing Alzheimer’s is without a doubt terrifying. Especially if you have family members that have developed it. One of the best ways to keep your mind healthy and prolong the terrifying fate of Alzheimer’s is by keeping your brain fit. Wilson Care provides you with the quality home health care that you need, but by practicing these few tips each day, you can help keep your mind fit.

Dietary Intake

A strong mind starts with what you eat. Adding power greens like spinach and kale to your diet not only boosts your body, but it boosts your brain! These types of foods are high in nutrients and provide your brain the strength it needs to lessen the chances of Alzheimer’s. Protein is another important factor in building your brain’s strength. Adding lean meats like fish and turkey, as well as other proteins such as nuts and beans, to your daily intake will make an incredible difference to your brain’s power.


Following a diet like the one above will benefit your physical health too! You’ll notice your body reacting to this type of diet through weight loss as well as healthier vitals. The best way to keep your body and brain moving smoothly is to participate in physical activities that help you build body and brain strength. Moving around and participating in activities requires your brain to communicate with the rest of your body, which helps keep it nice and strong!

Aside from these two tips, staying mentally active is something we’ve covered a few times in our blog. By keeping your brain constantly working, you are keeping your mind fit and minimizing the chances of Alzheimer’s as best you can. If you know an individual that is struggling with signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, recommend the home health care services of Wilson Care in Hawaii. We provide you with the comforting and care that you need.