1. When Is It Time to Transition to An Assisted Living Facility?

    While Wilson Care Group offers exemplary home care services to residents in Hawaii, we also offer long-term care to seniors at our Wilson Senior Living facility. Making the transition from living on your own at home can be a very tough decision. It can also be a tough decision for your children and loved ones to make. How do you know when it’s no longer a viable option for you or your loved one …Read More

  2. Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

    At Wilson Care Group, we specialize in providing home health care services to residents in Hawaii. However, we understand that there may come a time when home health care is no longer a viable option for some elderly clients. Wilson Care Group also offers a senior living facility to residents who cannot live alone. At Wilson Senior Living, we provide our residents with a multitude of amenities, as…Read More

  3. 3 Misconceptions About Exercising and Aging

    This month, we have done a series of blogs related to the importance physical activity. At Wilson Care Group, we are dedicated to providing exemplary home health care services to residents in Hawaii, however, we are also dedicated to helping those same residents maintain their independence so they can live happy and fulfilling lives. We work hard to help our clients in any way that we can. We enco…Read More

  4. Get the Facts: Physical Activity and Senior Adults

    If you keep up with our blogs, you know that we have been discussing how physical activities can benefit senior adults and help keep them healthier longer. Physical activity is the key to keeping our bodies feeling young, healthy, and strong. As we age, it is not uncommon to notice a decrease in mobility and strength. Regular physical activity can help you retain this mobility and can help minimiz…Read More

  5. What Can Regular Physical Activity Do for Your Health?

    In our most recent blog, we discussed the different ways a senior living facility can help encourage physical activity among senior adults, but why exactly is regular physical activity so important for seniors? We know that physical activity is important for staying healthy and fit throughout our lives, however it becomes drastically more important as we age. Regular physical activity is not only …Read More

  6. Our Senior Living Facility Encourages Seniors to Be Active

    What is the recipe for staying healthy? We are all aware of the basic strategy, which includes a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. However, as we age, getting plenty of exercise becomes drastically more important to our health. Older adults and seniors can greatly benefit from regular, moderate physical activity. Not only does it help maintain strength and stamina, but it can also provi…Read More

  7. Engaging Activities Help Promote Brain Health

    At the Wilson Care Group, we take pride in the number of amenities and activities we offer our residents. Our goal is for our residents to live a happy, fulfilling life while they are at our senior living center. We want our senior living center to feel like home, however, more importantly, we want to help protect and preserve the health of our residents. Apart from being fun and engaging, we beli…Read More

  8. Home Care is Not Just for the Elderly

    It is possible that the majority of home health care patients are elderly clients however, home care is not just for the elderly. Home care is available to anyone in Honolulu that has trouble performing daily activities and caring for themselves. Whether you are suffering from a prolonged illness or a serious injury, Wilson Care Group is here to help you through your toughest times. Wilson Care Gr…Read More

  9. Become a Member of Our Home Health Care Team

    There is no better feeling than helping someone in need and knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life. If you are a registered nurse or a certified nursing assistant and are looking for way to help make a difference, providing home care to residents in Hawaii could be a great option for you. At the Wilson Care Group, we provide exemplary home care services to residents in Hawaii.…Read More

  10. Enjoy Your Senior Living Facility

    Making the transition from receiving home health care to moving to a senior living facility in Hawaii can be tough. Not only can it feel like you have lost your freedom and independence, but there is also a lot of pressure to find the right senior living facility. With so many different options out there, all claiming to provide the same exceptional service and care, it can feel impossible to narr…Read More