Wilson Care is located on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii and we provide homecare aides to those who wish to remain at home. We also have a senior living facility in the neighborhood of Kailua. All of our employees, including aides and skilled nurses, run on dedication and compassion. We’re attuned to those who we work with, treating them like our very own family. The island of Hawaii is known for these values, and we carry them with us wherever we are. If you’re located in the Honolulu area and you’re looking for a team of individuals who are ready to work with you and your loved ones, Wilson Care is here at the ready!

Our senior living home is located on Kaneohe Bay Drive in the neighborhood of Kailua. We’re accepting residents from the island. If you’re interested in joining us here, please learn more about our care home and call us today to see if this is the right decision!

If you or your loved one would rather receive in-home care, our team of aides and skilled nurses will be more than happy to come to you! Here are some of the locations that we’ll travel to:

  • Kailua
  • Kenige
  • Maunawili
  • Halawa
  • Honolulu
  • Waimanalo
  • Heeia
  • Kahaluu

Some of the services that we offer these neighborhoods include:

Nurse aide care

Our nurse aides travel to your home or area of residence to provide help such as companionship, meal preparation, personal care, housekeeping, medication reminders, and more! Sometimes, our loved one is healthy, but they need extra assistance around the house when you’re unavailable. Our homecare aides are sure to help!

Skilled nursing care

Sometimes, you need more than a simple homecare aid to help around the house. If you or your loved one requires medical assistance, such as wound care, oxygen therapy, injections, G-tube feeding, or IV therapy, a skilled nurse who comes to your home and provides this type of help is in order. Wilson Care is more than happy to be at your service in these situations.

Medication services

If you or your loved one needs help with a medication regimen, our home health care aides can be of assistance. For example, if their doctor prescribed them medication, even if it’s over the counter, our aides will help them set up a schedule so that they don’t miss a dosage.

Transportation services

Going from point A to point B is hard for many seniors. Wilson Care provides home health care transportation services for people who need a ride to appointments, meetings, and more. We’ll either use your vehicle or our own depending on the situation.

If you’re located in any of the above areas, call Wilson Care and we’ll set you up with a home health care aide today. If you noticed that your neighborhood or city wasn’t mentioned, then don’t hesitate to inquire about the situation and your location. We’re always willing to work with those who are in need of assistance. Contact us today for home care or for a reservation at our senior care home.