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Although there are some parts of the world that have begun to open back up, here in Hawaii, we are still under “lockdown” or “quarantine” orders. The coronavirus is still a very relevant thing and here at Wilson Care we are doing everything to keep your loved ones safe and protected, especially because they are one of the high risk demographics. In this blog post we are going to be discussing some activities that you and your loved ones can do together or apart to help pass the time during this social distancing phase. Keep reading to learn more! 


Social distancing is not a new term, but it’s a term that has been recently brought to light and used very frequently in the past few months. The term “social distancing,” has been used as a term to describe the way that people are trying to control the spread of this infectious virus. Most recently, it’s been referenced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, as one of the most effective and best ways in preventing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 


The CDC has defined social distancing as “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (about six feet) away from others when possible”. People have also been using the term of quarantine or social isolation, which are essentially relating back to the same thing.


For some, social distancing may feel like a relief. Events are being cancelled, travel is limited, and for others all of the alone time has made them feel less anxious, especially those who may have forms of social anxiety. Some people have found social distancing to be a huge inconvenience and may even find it a bit depressing. So many events that people have looked forward to are now being postponed or even cancelled. Regardless of how you and your loved ones are feeling about social distancing, it can get a bit dull, especially as the weeks go on and government officials are predicting this could last up to another month. So, it’s important that you keep yourself active during this time. 

Organize Your Space 

Almost all of us could utilize this time and benefit from organization. Whether you’re looking to organize your closet or just wanting to finally clean out that kitchen junk drawer, taking the time to organize your space is a productive way to utilize your spare time. Organizing also helps you feel accomplished and can even help you have a more productive time in your home. This is also a good time to utilize donation services and get rid of the things that you may have accumulated over the years and let other people get usage out of them. Cleaning up your space helps us to know what we have and what we don’t have, and allows us to be more efficient in our homes. Start small, maybe it’s your kitchen junk drawer you start with, and tackle one project at a time! 


Read A Book

In the world of social media and technology, it can be difficult to find time and pick up a tangible book or newspaper. Even though we love how convenient online resources can be, there is truly nothing like a physical book. The satisfaction of finishing your favorite novel is so rewarding. Give your eyes a break from the constant screens and take some time to read that book you’ve always wanted to get through. If you’re finding it difficult to see, there are plenty of audio book services that make it easy to hear your favorite novel, if you’re finding your vision isn’t keeping up. 


Listening to an audiobook is another great way to keep yourself productive. You can listen to them while folding laundry, cleaning your home, or even organizing, just like we mentioned earlier. Audiobooks make chores a lot more interesting. So, whether you’re looking to listen to a novel or just want to read a physical copy, use this free time to get lost in a book. Books are also a wonderful way to keep your brain and cognitive functioning engaged. No matter what type of book you’re interested in, reading is the perfect relaxing activity. 


Get Outside

Being cooped up inside can make you feel a bit stir crazy, and while we know it’s important to stay home, get outside for a bit! Stepping outside even for something as simple as a quick walk around your home helps to get your body moving, which can even help release endorphins or happy feelings that may get lost if you’ve been cooped up inside all day. If the weather is permitting and you’re feeling up to it, get outside for a few minutes. You can sit outside on your patio and enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book outside, or just simply spend some quiet time to yourself.


Start A Garden

Similarly to getting outside more often, starting up a garden is a wonderful way to utilize this extra free time. We all know that going to the grocery store has been a bit chaotic, so what better way to social distance and avoid large crowds then to grow your own food! Not only is growing fresh food an effective and economical way of living, but it’s a great hobby that you can take advantage of anytime. Find out what fruits and vegetables are in season. Gardening may take some patience, but the rewards are delicious and nutritious. Gardening is also a great way to help keep yourself moving and take care of something while in quarantine, which can help you feel more productive.


Cook or Bake A New Recipe 

Many of us have baking items around the house like flour, sugar, and butter. Instead of leaving those items to sit in your pantry, try baking a new recipe with them! If you’re not into baking, find a new recipe to cook! Cooking is a wonderful way to spend your time and who knows, you may find a new hit item! Cooking can also help you utilize the food left in your home so you’re not going out and buying it.  


Keep In Contact With Those You Love 

Once again, no matter how you’re feeling about social distancing, it can get a bit lonely. All of us are experiencing a wild swell of emotions and human connection can do wonders. Pick up the phone and call a family member to see how they’re doing. Almost everyone is spending time at home right now and probably could benefit from a nice conversation. You could even take it a step farther and write someone a letter. Our postal offices are still open so send someone a cute card or a nice handwritten note. It’s the little things that make a difference. 


All of these activities that you can do by yourself but also with your loved ones. Even if you both plant a few seeds in your garden, call each other up to talk about it. Make a mini phone book club. Any of these can be done to help keep in touch with those around you. 


This time of social distancing may not be ideal but we’re all going through it. Wilson Care is following closely to the CDC’s recommendations that are pertaining to the coronavirus and will be posting updates about our steps we are taking to help distance and care at this time. 


Remember, If you’re having symptoms of coronavirus, please call your local doctors office before coming in, whether you’re a family visitor or a resident. Many places are setting up virtual visits to help decrease the spreading of any type of sickness. We do urge you, if you’re feeling sick with any of the symptoms, avoid going to public offices like emergency rooms or urgent care clinics. 


If you would like more information about what our senior living facility is doing to keep your loved ones safe, do not hesitate to reach out to us!