Mistakes are inevitable. With that in mind, the last thing that you want is to make a mistake with your newly established career. While that is the case for just about every nurse, there are still mistakes that happen. In today’s blog post, the team at Wilson Care wants to cover some of the most common mistakes that new nurses make. Hopefully, this blog post can help provide you with some insight into the areas of your day-to-day routine that you need to be extra careful with. Let’s dive in. 

Mixups With Medication 

Medication is something that nurses will be handling on a daily basis, which is likely why it is one of the most common mistakes that is made. From dispensing the wrong dosage of medication to providing a patient with the incorrect medication, there are countless mistakes that could happen. Unfortunately, these types of errors can put a patient’s life at risk. With that being said, this is a mistake that can occur at various stages of a career. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a nurse for 25 years, or five months — you always need to be paying attention! Make sure that you’re always aware of the medication that you’re handling and do your absolute best to avoid the chances of a mistake happening on your watch.

Charting Errors

Charts are another factor that nurses will deal with on a daily basis. If we’re being honest, paperwork and documentation isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about becoming a nurse. Paperwork, however, is a significant part of the daily tasks that a nurse will complete and, truth be told, is crucial to providing patients with the best care possible. Again, this is an area where mistakes are commonly made. Forgetting to document medications that were administered, changes in patient’s behavior or condition, and the like are just a few of the ways that nurses make mistakes with charting. 


It’s not news that infections are something that nurses have to be wary of. In fact, infections are one of the most prevalent issues in hospitals as a whole. That being said, as a nurse, it is up to you to use your knowledge and experience to minimize the chances of your patient winding up with an infection. The misfortune of infections is that they account for more than 99,000 deaths in America, in hospitals, each year. 

When it comes to your career as a nurse, you want to make sure that you’re always staying on top of hygiene to minimize the chances of infection happening. Do your best to stay on top of your hygiene and remind your staff to do the same. By setting this standard while working, you can drastically minimize the chances of your patient ever having to deal with an infection.

Join the Team at Wilson Care

Mistakes are bound to happen when you’re a nurse. The best you can do is make sure that you have a great team by your side along the way. If you’re searching for the perfect team to call home, Wilson Care is here for you.

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